Mother Beach Bookmark


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This weatherproof bookmark will last whether ocean or poolside. Heavy-weight plastic topped with two pieces of genuine beach glass and satin ribbon will delight avid readers and beach lovers alike.

Perhaps a favorite game of mine 
An old friend plays with me 
By hiding specs of colored glass 
Cultured in her sea… 

When I take the time 
To stop my walk 
And ask my sandy friend 
“What have you hiding 
in your lap 
Your smile at water’s end?” 

My gaze surrounds her shore 
And soon within my reach.. 
A splendid piece 
Of smooth blue glass 
A gift from Mother Beach! 

Today I found mostly green, 
Ten shades and sizes each 
I wonder if she felt my heart 
Rejoice in Mother Beach 

As I walked away 
My hand caressed 
Lessons I cannot teach 
I knew my life 
Would soon return 
Its course to Mother Beach.

Copyright 2004 Patty Merski

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